Birdy's legacy

If you look over the 30 years, the styles have changed - the clothes, the hair, the production, the approach to the songs. The icing on the cake has changed its flavors. But if you look at the cake itself, it's the same.

Since 1992, it is one of the oldest bakery and confectionery brands in Mumbai city. Taste, Quality, and Reliability are words associated with the brand “Birdys” and today, “Dutch Truffle”, “New York Truffle” and “Cuban Crunch” are household names. Birdys is owned by Grill Splendour Services Pvt Ltd.

Always striving for delivering on our brand promise, day after day since we began. Our Bakery products are also hand-made with hardly any “automation”. Two generations of Mumbaikars swear by the consistency and quality of the products. Birdy’s is one of the reasons for the celebration in the city.

The promise of a GREAT PRODUCT was there, is there, and will always remain much the same and forever.

Why customers love Birdy's?